Easy Installments Payment Plans

Convert your purchases at 0% interest with 12, month installments plans

Please note that for 12 month plans you have to call your bank directly.

National Bank of Fujairah (NBF)


Minimum Purchase Installment Plan Processing Fee
 AED 500
3 Months AED 39
6 Months AED 79
12 Months AED 149


How It Works

Purchase More Than AED 1000
Once you purchase above the minimum amount, you will see a message that you’re eligible for easy installments.
Add or Select Your Card In checkout
Once you add or select your card, you will then see eligible installment options.
Select Pay Full Amount & Place The Order
Select the installment option you prefer and then place your order.
Call Your Bank And Convert Your Order To Installments
Select the installment option you prefer and then place your order.

About installments

Easy Payment Plans are subject to the terms and conditions of your card issuer. Please check with your bank for any potential extra charges (like processing, foreclosure, or late payment fees) before placing your order. Your can pay for your order in easy monthly installments, if you have an eligible credit card from one of the following banks or payment partners:

Installments repayments on credit card

  • We will charge the full amount as soon as you complete your order on Payrelay.ae.
  • If your installment payment plan is approved, your bank will convert the charge amount into an Installment. This may take 3 -10 business days depending on your bank.
  • The credit limit on your credit card will be reduced by the total order amount. For example, if your credit limit is AED 6,000, and you have made a 3-month installments payment plan purchase for a total order value of AED 2,500, your bank will block AED 2,500 on your account and your available credit limit will be AED 3,500. As you pay your Installment every month, your credit limit will be released by the amount of your monthly payment.

Installments Cancellation

  • If the Installment plan is cancelled within 7 days after your order was placed, your bank will charge the Installment processing fee. Payrelay will refund the entire purchase amount to you within 5 to 7 business days.
  • You will then need to contact your bank to confirm how the Installment plan on your credit card was changed, or for any questions on foreclosure.